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Maheep Kapoor: How to be really Fabulous


AN IMPACTFUL appearance in The Fabulous Lives Of Bollywood Wives won Maheep Kapoor a legion of admirers and showed there was a lot more to her than being part of a famous film family.

The jewellery designer and business entrepreneur, married to actor Sanjay Kapoor, exuded plenty of girl power in the unique Netflix show.

That fierceness inspired Eastern Eye to get the role model for working mothers to share her ways to be absolutely fabulous, irrespective of age or background.

Fashion friendly: Have a wardrobe that suits your body type and personality. Don’t be a slave to fashion and hold on to your own unique style. My fashion essentials include skinny, flared, bootcut and ripped jeans, both white and black. A great pair of jeans are comfortable and go with a variety of looks. Another essential is a good, sharp suit, which can be dressed up with a nice pair of heels or to something casual with sneakers. A good suit gives boss lady vibes. The obvious little black dress is fine, but I find them boring. More essential is a great range of bras, including strapless. A good fit and comfortable bra can change your whole body shape. Last, but not least, heels will make you look slimmer and sexier.

Good skincare: Have a great skincare regime, irrespective of how old you are. My skincare essentials include SPF 50. I can’t emphasise it enough. The younger you start, the better it is going to be. You will thank me, all you teenagers and 20-year-olds out there. I will never sleep without washing off my makeup, like I did in my 20s and took my skin for granted. Cleanse, tone and moisturise. To all the youngsters, look after your skin now. By the time you reach my age, you will see why you invested in your skin at a younger age and why it’s so essential. Sun can damage your skin. Also, ice your face before putting on your makeup and see the difference.

Confidence: Whether it is at work or in everyday life, show confidence. Being self-assured has an uplifting effect on everything from outfits you wear to work meetings and just standing out in a crowd. Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself. My confidence comes from my inner soul and core. When I feel fear, something in my brain takes over and I like, for lack of a better word, say f**k it, and am out there. I will sometimes play a good rock’n’roll song or exercise to get those endorphins going. All these things make a huge difference.

Organisation: From family to work and everyday challenges, it is no secret that women have to multi-task and manage everything beautifully. It’s like second nature to women and comes inherently to us. With all due respect, men can’t do it. Instead of being crushed by that pressure, own it like a boss and the best way is to be organised. A top tip to being organised is to have a diary. I’m old fashioned like that. I like to take my pen and write down everything that needs to be done. I have messed up before, trying to mentally remember everything, so now I just write it down. When you look back on your diary one day, it will be an interesting read and inspiring.

Stay healthy: Perhaps the biggest secret of being fabulous is to look after your physical and mental health. Exercise is important, but it all starts from the gut, so a good balanced diet is essential. I strongly believe that you are what you eat. My whole mindset changed when I became a mother and looked at nutrition more, when feeding my two children at the dining table, making sure they get enough protein, carbs, fibre, and vitamins. I look at food as medicine. I believe in locally grown fresh foods, instead of ones shipped in and take 10 days to reach and are filled with pesticides, and God knows what. Take time to find out about healthy foods. Your body will thank you later.

Good manicure: I’m very particular about a good manicure and pedicure. I think a woman just looks completely finished, when her toes are cut and polished with some nice, shiny polish and her nails are well manicured. I can’t stand seeing women with unkept feet and nails. Or chipped nails. It bothers me to no end. A good manicure and a pedicure just complete the look and finishes it off. So, take out the time and do it.

Smell great: A good fragrance tells so much about your personality and adds a finishing touch. Spritz yourself with an amazing fragrance. It’s a mood uplifter. I always have a small bottle in my bag. I don’t change my fragrances too much and try sticking to one. A fragrance should remind you of that person. For the longest time, I used a perfume called Beyond Paradise from Estee Lauder until they discontinued it, which was absolutely devastating to me because I was so obsessed with it. I shifted to Pleasures from Estee Lauder. I love the fragrance – it’s just so fresh. It depends on my mood, but I also love J’adore in the evenings.

Kindness: Be a lioness, but always show kindness. A small act of kindness, a smile, compliment, or a helping hand, can transform someone’s day and uplift them. Compassion and humanity are more needed than ever in this world, which is different to the one I was bought up in. I have addressed it in Bollywood Wives season one about the trolling and unkind people out there. Thank God the kind people far outweigh unkind ones. Mentally cut out those unkind people and be that caring, generous person. Don’t forget to be kind to yourself.

Have a strong circle: Surround yourself with good people. I’ve always said this, ‘birds of a feather flock together’. You are the circle you keep, so it’s important to be around those inspiring, amazing, mood-lifting people, who can make you laugh and inspire you. It’s so important. We go through enough sh*t, and more in life. That’s what life is. It throws those curveballs at you. But when you have a strong circle, you feel more mentally relaxed and just feed off each other in a positive way. And luckily for me, I’ve got that.

Stop: I seriously believe in manifesting things. The more you believe things are going to happen, and I mean from the core, they will. So, it’s important. Stop comparing yourself to others. Do things that are good for you and your soul. It’s very important. I fire my children if even one negative word comes out of their mouth, because the universe hears you. It will feel your vibrations and make that happen. When you let go of all the things weighing you down, you have no idea how high you will fly, and be fabulous. It’s a fact. Keep manifesting. I believe
the universe feels your energy and vibrations.

Instagram: @maheepkapoor

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