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Google unveils popular destinations for summer vacation 2024

Big Ben in London with the houses of parliament and ornate street lamp

Vibhuti PathakBy: Vibhuti Pathak

Google recently revealed its top 20 destinations for summer vacations in 2024, showcasing both popular favourites and new additions. Based on flight booking data and search trends from Google Flights for travel between June 1 and August 31, 2024, the list offers insights into the destinations attracting the most interest among travellers.

London tops the list as the most popular summer destination, followed by Paris and Tokyo. While Cancun was previously the number one destination, it has now moved down to number six. Meanwhile, Tokyo has risen from number eight to number three, reflecting a shift in traveller preferences.


Google unveils popular destinations for summer vacation 2024
A rainbow view of London, Houses of parliament (Photo credit: iStock)

Bustling London, a historic heart with a global beat. Tower Bridge gleams, Big Ben tolls, and red buses zip by iconic landmarks. Ancient pubs share streets with modern marvels. Diverse cultures weave a tapestry, from Buckingham Palace to bustling markets. History whispers in museums, while vibrant theater stages ignite the night. London, is a city forever young, forever fascinating.


Google unveils popular destinations for summer vacation 2024
Paris city in the springtime (Photo credit: iStock)

The Eiffel Tower pierces the sky, a symbol of romance and elegance. Cruise the Seine past iconic landmarks and savor croissants in charming cafes. Louvre’s masterpieces inspire awe, while cobblestone streets whisper tales of love and revolution. Paris, a city that captivates with its timeless beauty, artistic spirit, and undeniable charm.


Google unveils popular destinations for summer vacation 2024
Asian woman wearing Japanese traditional kimono at Fuji Mountain, Kawaguchiko Lake, Japan. (Photo credit: iStock)

Neon lights pierce the night in this electrifying metropolis. Ancient temples stand beside towering skyscrapers, a fusion of tradition and innovation. Anime characters come alive in pop culture havens, while bullet trains whisk you through the city’s heart. Tokyo, a mesmerising blend of the old and new, where technology thrives alongside timeless customs.

New additions to the list include San Juan, Puerto Rico, and Madrid, Spain, while Chicago and San Francisco did not make it into the top 20 this year. Other notable destinations in the top 20 include Rome, New York, Orlando, Las Vegas, and Seattle.

San Juan

Google unveils popular destinations for summer vacation 2024
Colourful image with the fortification Castillo San Felipe del Morro along the coastline in San Juan, Puerto Rico. (Photo credit: iStock)

Sun-kissed beaches and vibrant salsa music define Puerto Rico’s capital. Explore colorful colonial architecture in Old San Juan, a reminder of the island’s rich past. Lush rainforests beckon adventure seekers, while turquoise waters invite exploration. San Juan, a Caribbean gem offering history, vibrant culture, and breathtaking natural beauty.


Google unveils popular destinations for summer vacation 2024
Santa Maria la Real de La Almudena, the Catholic cathedral in Madrid, Spain (Photo credit: iStock)

Flamenco ignites vibrant nights in this Spanish capital. Royal grandeur gleams at the Palacio Real, while the El Prado museum stuns with masterpieces. Tapas bars beckon with tempting bites, and cobbled streets whisper tales of history. A city that pulsates with passion, charm, and a zest for life.

In terms of travel trends, searches for “travel itinerary” and “solo travel” have reached an all-time high in January. The top trending “weekend getaway” destinations are Palm Springs and the Florida Keys, while the most popular “romantic getaway” spots are Napa Valley and Key West.

Additionally, La Romana and Saint John emerged as the top trending destinations searched for all-inclusive resorts. These trends offer travellers inspiration and ideas for planning their summer adventures.

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