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Green apples vs Red apples: Which one is more nutritious ?

By: Kimberly Rodrigues

Known for their nutrition and taste, apples are rich in antioxidants, flavonoids, pectin, and quercetin that help to protect the cells in the body from oxidative damage.

This fruit is also particularly good for the heart, liver, and bowels, and is an easy and delicious snack to eat on the go, informs an earlier report in Pinkvilla.

Though the health advantages gained from both kinds of apples – red and green, are reportedly minor, have you ever wondered which apple is healthier to eat?

According to Shikha Kumari, a dietician “Green apples are sour in taste and have thick skin, which makes them crispier. Red apples, on the other hand, are sweet, juicy, and have thin skin,” The Indian Express reports.

While green apples may contain slightly more fibre, and fewer carbohydrates and sugar too, than red apples – if you want to consume more antioxidants, ensure you include more red apples in your diet.

There are also apparently insignificant differences in the nutritional content of red and green apples.

Green apple is a richer source of vitamins A, B, C, E, and K and also contain more iron, protein, and potassium. Studies also state that green apples can be better for those trying to lose weight, Kumari notes.

She adds, “If you are trying to reduce your overall sugar intake then it is better to switch to green apples. Red apples, on the other hand, contain more antioxidants and are more delicious.”

The dietician is quoted as saying, “Essentially, green apple is equally if not more beneficial than red apple. As mentioned earlier, red apples are more of a household staple, therefore the likelihood of consuming them is higher.

Therefore, in the long run, both green and red apples will have the same effect on the body even though green apples have a slightly better nutritional profile.”

Commenting on the minor differences in nutrition, nutritionist and food coach Anupama Menon reportedly said that there are very few nutritional benefits of green apples that can’t be replicated by red apples.

“Only there are vitamin A-related health advantages, as green apples contain approximately twice as much vitamin A as red apples. As a result, green apples would be a more potent source of boosting vision, increasing immunity, lowering the risk of acne, and promoting bone health,” Menon said.

However, she adds that since people tend to consume plenty of other fruits so “whatever slight advantage one apple variety may have over another is negated when considering the bigger goal of nutritional adequacy in the larger scheme of things.”

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