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The fast spread of Covid-19 impacting economies and global events is the hot news now.

Experts are advising measures to prevent the infection.

Various greeting styles have emerged on social media to replace the traditional handshake or hug.

These range from the now sensational Wuhan Shake to elbow bumping to Indian namaste.

A screengrab of Wuhan Shake (Photo: Twitter)

Footage of two people in China using their feet to greet each other, instead of performing the traditional handshake or hug, has become viral on social media. Dubbed as ‘Wuhan Shake’, it became an instant hit among netizens.

Wuhan in China was the epicentre of Covid-19 infection.

Another greeting method emerged in the US. Where politicians greeted each other with Elbows. This too became famous on social media.

Many are advocating for Indian namaste, the traditional Indian greeting which means “I bow to you”.

“Of late I am being told by lots of people to keep washing hands to prevent any kind of infection. I do that in any case. But also want to suggest the age-old Indian way of greeting people called #Namaste. It is hygienic, friendly & centres your energies. Try it,” Indian actor Anupam Kher tweeted.