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Why women should be money-wise

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Priya MuljiBy: Priya Mulji

MONEY – a word that is often feared more than the word sex. Whether people have it in abundance, are just geting by or struggling, many shy away from having conversations about finances because it is just really uncomfortable.

With everything including food and energy prices continuing to rise, many of us have financial fears. Whether you’re a single person living on your own, have a family or running a business, the cost-of-living crisis will affect us all in 2023.

One specific area that is perhaps lost in the economic tsunami we find ourselves in is the need for more women to be money aware and stand on their own two feet, in the event of something happening to them.

It is something that has resonated with me. In the last two years of the pandemic, I have taken control of my finances more than ever, paying off debts, moving house and saving to buy a home.

Of course, things happen, and money sometimes comes and goes, with unexpected expenses like the car or boiler breaking down or the money you saved for an expensive treat like a holiday being spent on essentials. (Although we should always have a holiday fund).

I know a number of strong, independent women – homeowners, businesswomen, ladies who can drive faster and safer than men, but unfortunately, not everyone is as independent as them.

Many women have grown up, attended university, got married and gone from living with their parents to moving to their husband’s house.

Having not experienced living alone, they rely on their husbands for everything from clothes and holidays to paying for their children’s upbringing. This can not only take away power and sometimes the identity of a woman, but also leave her at a loss in the event of a divorce (as they are not always amicable).

Women need to start becoming less reliant on parents and partners. One thing that really helped me was talking to a financial adviser, who guided me through all aspects of money management, including pensions, mortgage and what to do if something happened to my health. These conversations can be very uncomfortable, especially if you are in debt or clueless about what to do with your money, but an expert will give you all the essential information.

As women, we need to increase our confidence when it comes to handling money, so why not sit down with a spreadsheet, budget and make your money go further? In the words of queen Beyonce, “I truly believe that women should be financially independent from their men. And let’s face it, money gives men the power to run the show. It gives men the power to define value. They define what’s sexy. And men define what’s feminine. It’s ridiculous.”

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