• Wednesday, November 30, 2022

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Viral video: US men dress up in sarees and put on bindis to attend Indian best friend’s wedding

By: Mohnish Singh

Two US men are trending on social media currently for wearing sarees at their Indian friend’s wedding in Chicago. Both walk down a street in Chicago before reaching the venue and surprising the groom.

The viral clip was shared by Paraagon Films, a group of Chicago-based wedding videographers, who were given the responsibility of documenting the wedding ceremony.

Sharing the clip, they wrote, “Just a typical wedding morning with the groom’s 2 best men walking down Michigan Ave in sarees.”

The video shows a woman helping the men drape the green and purple saree, as they get ready for their Indian friend’s wedding. They also adorn a bindi on their forehead. The video follows them as they walk down Michigan Avenue and reach the wedding venue. As soon as the groom sees them, he breaks into laughter. All three hug each other before the video ends.

The video has gone viral and has amassed over thirty thousand likes and over three lakh nineteen thousand views.

A number of users commented and appreciated the gesture by the groom’s best men.

A user wrote “This is priceless. They look so cute and adorable.”

“The guys are getting more creative! Love it!” commented another user.

A third user wrote, “They got the bindi and everything.”

“Well, my parents will be happy if I took one home like this,” wrote a fourth Instagram user.

“They have better-pleated sari than I had for my convocation… I couldn’t walk,” wrote a fifth.

“How cute! These are what friends are for,” shared a sixth.

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