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Union reports UK workers planning large-scale strike end of April

Kimberly RodriguesBy: Kimberly Rodrigues

A union has declared that a day of extensive strike action by civil servants and public workers will occur in late April, following a month of sector-wide walkouts, which will impact the UK significantly.

Millions of individuals in the country are currently experiencing a cost-of-living crisis due to persistently high inflation that is eroding the value of their wages, resulting in extensive industrial action as workers strive for substantial pay hikes.

The UK’s months-long strike movement coincides with significant industrial action in neighbouring European countries such as France and Germany, where workers are protesting against pay and working conditions, including pension schemes.

Over 130,000 members of the PCS trade union, who work in the civil service and public sector, are set to strike on April 28, according to the union. The strike is part of a month-long series of walkouts by the union to increase pressure on the government regarding pay, pensions, and job security.

The union plans to hold smaller strikes throughout April, including walkouts by museum workers, driving examiners, and border staff leading up to the significant one-day stoppage.

Junior doctors are set to join the striking civil servants and public sector workers, while rail workers have put a hold on any additional stoppages.

PCS General secretary Mark Serwotka said government ministers “need to take notice that we’re escalating our action and they need to resolve the dispute by putting money on the table”.

UK’s annual inflation surged unexpectedly last month, hitting 10.4 per cent, nearing a four-decade high due to high food and energy prices.

PM Rishi Sunak warns that significant pay hikes could exacerbate inflation and impede the government’s efforts to reduce state debt accumulated during the pandemic.

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