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Style Notes with Neelam – Layering clothes this autumn and winter

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How are you coping with the colder weather? How to layer is one of the top questions I get asked for the colder season. Clients often struggle with how to add layers to keep warm and put them together. So here are some of my quick tips on how to stay cosy and stylish this autumn/winter.

■ Try thin layers. Less bulky, thinner layers will help keep the warmth in without drowning you in layers or fabric. Think roll necks and long sleeve t-shirts to keep you extra warm under pretty dresses and skirts. Or try soft blazers and cardigans for an external layer.

■ Don’t be afraid to mix colours and textures. Often people think that you can only add layers in neutral colours, but it actually gives the opportunity to get creative with your style. Try experimenting with complementary colours, textures and prints to add interest and your own personal style to a look. I love warmer winter textures like leather, velvet, and boucle to add interest and personality to an outfit.

■ Always think about your body shape. It can be easy to lose your body shape under endless layers. Think about how to draw attention down the centre line of the body with different neck shapes, jewellery, and scarves. Remember to use accessories like belts to help cinch in the waist and show off your curves. Avoid oversized styles that will hide your beautiful shape.

■ Thermals. Investing in good quality thermals can be a game changer. The Uniqlo Heat Tech range has some great pieces that will keep you super warm, and they are affordable too.

■ Think about what fabrics you are wearing. For the winter months, layers such as wool will give you extra warmth but be careful of how these irritate the skin. To keep you from itching try a cotton layer underneath. Other warm fabrics include fleece, flannel, and velour.

■ Warm feet, warm body. Layers aren’t just for the body but also for the feet and hands. When your feet are warm, your whole body will feel warm. Invest in some good socks and layer up for extra warmth. And don’t forget, good footwear makes all the difference. Your footwear for winter is a key investment. Think about the different lengths, heel heights and fabrics.

How are you layering up this winter? Have you invested in good base layers? And don’t forget, by layering you can take pieces from your spring/summer wardrobe into the colder months too and make more use out of your wardrobe. Happy layering.

Style Notes with Neelam – Layering clothes this autumn and winter

Neelam Mistry-Thaker, who is a fashion expert, personal stylist, and style coach. Visit Instagram: @NeelamPersonalStylist, Facebook: Neelam Personal Stylist and www.neelampersonalstylist.com

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