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Sonakshi Sinha in action

Sonakshi Sinha enjoyed her role in Force 2

By: Eastern Eye Staff

Actress Sonakshi Sinha, who stars opposite John Abraham in Force 2, plays a secret agent who teams up with a dedicated police officer to stop an international threat.

Eastern Eye caught up with Sonakshi to find out more.

With Akira and now Force 2, you have done back-to-back action films. Is it fair to say that you’re in the best shape of your life?

(Smiles) Well, I sure hope so. I worked really hard for both films. I think when you get into a certain routine it changes you for the better, and that’s exactly what has happened to me as well.

I got to learn mixed martial arts for Akira and that training came in handy while I was shooting Force 2, and doing the action sequences for this film. So yeah, I like to think I’m feeling better and fitter. I’m in a very good space fitness wise, health wise.

Are guys now really frightened of you because you’re so fighting fit?

Guys who are scared of me should not even bother because I want the guys to appreciate it, like you know that girl can kick some ass. That’s cool.

What attracted you to Force 2?

The fact that it’s a really nice story. It has a lot of substance, is relevant in today’s time with the things that are happening in our nation. We started shooting this film a year and-a-half ago, and it holds a lot of importance in terms of the content, what the story is about, what we are trying to say about the RAW [Indian intelligence service] agents, spies and two forces that come together to protect the people who protect us. So it’s a very interesting and gripping story. My character was also something that drew me to the film.

Tell us about your character?

She is a RAW agent who knows how to do her job better than any man. She’s confident of herself, knows what’s she doing and is an independent girl. To portray this character onscreen was something that really attracted me to Force 2.

Was it a competition for you to be in the same frame with John Abraham while doing action sequences?

No, actually, I really enjoy doing this because I’ve always been an athletic person by nature. So, this kind of action comes easier to me than most other things. In my first action film, when I was doing Akira, I did it all alone. And the fact that I had somebody like John in the same frame, doing the action alongside me, I think that was a big boost and a motivator in fact, to do better and match up to him.

Is there a memorable behind the scenes moment you can share?

Behind the scenes, John was just working out. I think he lives in the gym and that is not me. But we had a great schedule in Budapest. We were there for 50 days and honestly, for me, the best part was packing up and exploring the city. I love to travel, and that’s what I used to do while John was in the gym.

You have been shooting in London recently. What do you most love about the city?

I come London at least twice a year. I don’t get to walk around a lot in Mumbai, but when I travel, I love to walk around the city, and that’s what I love doing in London as well. And the food, of course.

Finally, why should we all watch Force 2?

Because it’s a great story and it has become a very important film now. People should know what goes on because there are so many people who you won’t hear about, who protect our nation, and they are the true heroes. This film talks about them, these people who sacrifice their lives and they just go unknown. I guess that message needs to reach everyone.

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