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Sikandar Kher reveals he first auditioned for ‘Monkey Man’ 10 years ago


By: Mohnish Singh

Actor Sikandar Kher, who is currently seen in the third and final season of Disney+ Hotstar’s Aarya, is looking forward to his Hollywood debut with Dev Patel’s much-anticipated film Monkey Man.

In a recent interview, Kher opened up about how he landed the film and said that he first auditioned for this part 10 years ago.

“Interestingly, I first auditioned for this part 10 years ago. At that time, I knew it was a film with Dev Patel and that I was testing for a cop’s role,” the actor said, “So I wore a uniform costume and went in. Dev took my audition at that time. This was in Mumbai. The film was due to start but it just did not take off, for one reason or another.”

Kher continued, “Then they were scheduled to start shooting in January 2020, but the pandemic hit. During that time, Dev said he hadn’t found Rana yet and when he revisited all the tests, he saw mine and really liked it. So, he offered the part to me again. I really liked the script and I really like Dev — he’s charming and funny. So, I was excited to do it.

Praising Patel further, Kher said, “Dev is also very particular. Not only was he directing, but he is acting in it as well. He is one of the most amazing directors I have worked with because of the way he communicates with an actor and his openness to sharing ideas. I had a great time being directed by him.”

When asked if he is going to pursue more work internationally, the actor said, I’m pursuing work in any language. Work is work. If I like something and it’s a good role, I want to do it. You are lucky if you get a script that is a great read and you like the character. Of course, I hope Monkey Man does well because then so many things can open up. For now, I am happy with my slate.”

Inspired by the legend of Hanuman, an icon embodying strength and courage, the film is set to hit cinemas on April 5, 2024.

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