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Sadhguru discharged from hospital after brain surgery


Pramod ThomasBy: Pramod Thomas

SPIRITUAL leader Sadhguru was discharged from a private hospital in New Delhi on Wednesday (27), days after he underwent an emergency brain surgery after suffering “life-threatening” bleeding in the skull, the Isha Foundation said.

The foundation issued a statement that quoted joint managing director of the Apollo Hospitals Group, Sangita Reddy, as saying that doctors have expressed satisfaction with his recovery and healing.

“Even as he is recovering, Sadhguru has maintained the same spirit. His commitment to the global good, his sharp mind, and his sense of humour are all intact. I think this is good news for all the millions of people who have been inquiring about his health,” Reddy said in the statement.

According to the Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, the surgery was carried out on March 17.

“Isha Foundation joins millions of volunteers and people worldwide in expressing gratitude to Dr Vinit Suri, Dr Pranav Kumar, Dr Sudheer Tyagi, Dr S Chatterjee, and the entire team at Apollo Hospitals for their exceptional support and care,” a statement said.

Several of Sadhguru’s followers gathered at the hospital gate as he was being discharged.

“We feel great that he is back. We have been waiting to see this day for the last seven days. We thank the doctors and hospital for taking care of Sadhguru,” Geet, one of Sadhguru’s followers, said.

Another follower, who is from Fiji, said, “I feel very privileged… It was a very emotionally draining situation for us but everything went well from what we have been informed.”

“It is a great relief for us that he is well and recovering, and that he will be back with humanity again to serve us all, as he always does,” said Seema, another follower.

The 66-year-old is the founder of the Isha Foundation. He has launched campaigns like ‘Save Soil’ and ‘Rally for Rivers’ for environment conservation.

Vinit Suri, the hospital’s senior consultant neurologist who led a team of doctors that attended to Sadhguru, earlier said the spiritual leader faced a “life-threatening situation”.


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