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Indo-European Artist, Ridi Reflects on Her Musical Journey with Asian Times

Ms Ridi, Singer-Songwriter.By: Ms Ridi, Singer-Songwriter.

1. What first connected you to Music?
Ever since I can remember, music has been my constant companion. It wasn’t just the melodies or the rhythms that drew me in; it was the way music made me feel seen and understood. Growing up, my home was alive with a mix of sounds, from the classical Indian tunes that tethered me to my roots to the pop anthems that spoke the language of my generation. This eclectic soundtrack of my childhood wasn’t just background noise; it was the foundation of my world, teaching me the universal language of music long before I knew how to articulate my feelings through it.

2. What made you start your career as a Singer & Songwriter?
My personal experiences greatly inspired me to become a singer and songwriter. As a child, I was often bullied and made to feel out of place for my cultural heritage. The taunts and stereotypes hurled at me by classmates over my Indian background pushed me into a corner of self-doubt. In this struggle, I found my refuge and voice in music. Turning to the melodies that had always been my solace, I began to write, sing, and express the emotions I had bottled up. Music became my defiant response, a way to celebrate my identity and turn the pain of being marginalized into a message of empowerment and unity. This transformation from a silent spectator to an artist was fueled by the desire to heal my scars and reach out to others who felt misunderstood and alone.

3. Your music is streamed by millions across the globe, did you expect such popularity when you first started out?
The thought of my music touching the lives of millions across the globe was a distant dream when I first began. Each song was a piece of my heart, sent out into the world with the hope that it might resonate with someone, somewhere. The overwhelming response, the millions of streams, and the messages from listeners who found solace in my music have been a humbling and surreal experience. It’s a powerful testament to the universal language of music and its ability to bridge gaps, heal wounds, and bring us together in a shared human experience. Although I am still figuring out my path ahead, from a hopeful artist to a voice that connects with millions, my growth so far is a reminder of the incredible power of music to cross boundaries and touch lives.

4. What is your journey behind your newest single Guilty Feet?
“Guilty Feet” reflects my musical and personal journey, echoing the themes of self-expression, desire, and the societal shackles often placed on women. This song is inspired by my own experiences of cultural and societal constraints with the attempt to empower and liberate myself and everyone around me. It’s a call to embrace our desires, celebrate our womanhood without apologizing, and challenge the norms that seek to confine us. The process of creating “Guilty Feet” was thus a deeply reflective one, turning introspection into empowerment. It’s a song for anyone who’s felt the weight of societal expectations, a reminder that our stories and desires matter.

5. How do you bring together your Western & Eastern Influences into your music?
The fusion of Western and Eastern influences in my music reflects my identity, a dance between the worlds I inhabit. It’s a delicate balance, finding harmony between the classical Indian sounds of my heritage and the universal appeal of Western pop. This blending of influences is more than just a musical experiment; it’s a statement of my identity, an exploration of belonging in a globalized world. Each track is a journey of discovery, finding that sweet spot where disparate sounds and cultures coexist and enrich each other, creating a unique sound that speaks to a diverse audience.

6. Inspiration behind your video?
The inspiration behind the visuals of the “Guilty Feet” video was to translate the song’s message of empowerment and self-celebration. We aimed to create a visual experience as dynamic and expressive as the music itself, incorporating vibrant colours, expressive dance, and symbolic imagery to tell a story of liberation and joy. Among its many layers in the video, the desserts showcased stand out and represent the guilt often instilled in us from a young age—guilt over our desires, pleasures, and identities. Through this imagery, the video challenges viewers to reconsider these imposed feelings, transforming guilt into a celebration of self-acceptance and the joy of embracing who we truly are and taste the freedom that comes from loving ourselves unapologetically.

7. What are your future plans?
The horizon’s buzzing with possibilities! I’m all geared up for my next adventure, going deeper into the soundscape that defines me, exploring new narratives, and partnering with some amazing talents along the way. It’s about pushing boundaries, experimenting with my music, and continuing to connect with listeners everywhere. The journey’s just beginning, and I can’t wait to see where it takes us all next.

8. Any Tips for upcoming singers or singers starting out?
My advice to those embarking on their musical journey is simple yet crucial: start where you are, but ensure you have a good support system and a good lawyer. I’ve encountered some bad producers during my initial days, which is why I highly recommend being cautious in the industry and always having legal protection. Your unique voice and perspective are your greatest assets, so embrace your individuality, experiment with your sound, and don’t shy away from mistakes—they’re invaluable lessons in disguise. Stay true to your stories, remain persistent in your practice, and never lose sight of your initial motivations. The path to finding your place in the music world is riddled with challenges, but with dedication, resilience, and passion, you’ll find that your music can resonate with hearts. It’s also essential to remember that every artist was once a beginner and relied on mentors for support. So, don’t hesitate to seek guidance and mentorship along the way.

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