• Sunday, June 04, 2023


People who read books live almost two years longer than non readers


Anew study titled A chapter a day: Association of book reading with longevity published in the Social Science and Medicine journal recently suggests that being engrossed in a good book can

make people’s brains sharper, give them more empathy and is one of the best forms of stress relief.
The study also claimed that it gave readers an important “survival advantage” over non readers.
Researchers looked at the link between reading and living longer by analysing reading patters of 3,500 people aged 50 and older. They found that on average, book readers lived almost two years longer that people who did not read.

Avni Bavishi, one of the researchers from the Yale University School of Public Health, said:

“We found that reading books provided a greater benefit than reading newspapers or magazines. We uncovered that this effect is likely because books engage the readers mind more providing more cognitive benefit, and therefore increasing the lifespan.”

“Reading doesn’t have to be a massive commitment, as any level of reading books could potential extend your life. Reading a chapter of a novel every night is a great way to unwind and benefit health,” she added.

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