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National anthem singing world record broken at Khodal Dham temple

The world record being broken at Khodal Dham temple

A temple trust in Gujarat on Wednesday (15) said many more people were found to have taken part, than estimated initially, in the en masse singing of national anthem which set a world record last month.

Khodal Dham temple trust said it had set a new world record with around 5.09 lakh (over 500,000) persons singing the national anthem together.

The record was set during the idol installation ceremony of goddess Khodiyar at a newly-built Khodal Dham temple in Kagvad village of Rajkot district the west Indian Gujarat state on January 21, 2017. #

Initially the trust had said some 3.5 lakh (350,000) people sang the anthem that day, breaking the previous record. In 2014, 254,537 people had sung the national anthem in Bangladesh.

However, the Guinness World Records, which had sent observers for the event, recently informed that the number was higher, said president of Khodal Dham Trust Paresh Gajera.

“Against our primary estimate of 3.5 lakh (350,00), Guinness World Records have conveyed to us that little more than 5.09 lakh (over 500,000) persons took part in the anthem singing. A certificate of this world record was also handed over to us,” he said.

“The most people singing the national anthem simultaneously was achieved by Shree Khodal Dham Trust in Kagvad, Gujarat, India,” the certificate says.

“Around 11,000 observers from Guinness were deployed that day. Though more than eight lakh persons took part in the singing, the observers concluded that many were not singing. So the final figure has come to 5.09 lakh, which is still much higher than what we had estimated,” Gajera said.

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