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Modi thanks Jagger for note in Hindi

By: Eastern Eye

INDIA’S prime minister Narendra Modi responded to a ‘thank you’ note by Rolling Stones frontman, Mick Jagger.

After concluding his India trip, the legendary rocker shared a note written in Hindi on X. His note accompanied a video of him singing Dreamy Skies from Hackney Diamonds, the band’s new album.

Jagger, 80, expressed his gratitude and mentioned how the India visit offered a refreshing break, giving him a temporary respite from his worries and issues.

He wrote alongside the post, “Thanks India. Got away from it all here!”

He wrote in Hindi, roughly translating to “Thanks and Hello India. Away from daily chores; I felt very happy to come here. With much love to you all, Mick.”

Reacting to his note, Modi asked him last week to “keep coming”. “You Can’t Always Get What You Want’, but India is a land brimming with seekers, offering solace and ‘Satisfaction’ to all. Delighted to know you found joy among the people and culture here. Do keep coming,” Modi wrote on X.

Jagger celebrated Diwali and Kali Puja in Kolkata.

“Happy Diwali and Kali Pujo. Happy Diwali and Jai Kali Maa,” he wrote in the caption of a set of pictures he shared on his social media account.

Jagger, a cricket fan, was also seen watching an ICC World Cup match in India recently.

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