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Making resting a habit-Mita Mistry

Pramod ThomasBy: Pramod Thomas

NOW that we’ve said goodbye to 2022, perhaps you are already setting goals for new  projects for the year ahead.

And that’s great. But while the focus during the first month of 2023 might be on creating plans for exercise, health, personal development, or getting closer to your dreams, it’s also a perfect time to consider a more subtle, yet powerful, way to navigate through a new year.

How do you want to feel every single day when you wake up? Perhaps positive, recharged or full of energy? Imagine waking up feeling rested and going about your day with a steady flow of strong energy, which keeps you moving forward in all areas of your life without feeling exhausted. Sounds too good to be true, right?

The good news is, you don’t need loads of money, a nanny, a personal masseuse, or big holidays to get that much-needed respite. In fact, rest is accessible, and it is possible to achieve that energised zone by scheduling time to rest strategically and purposefully on even the busiest days.

By making resting a habit, a bit like brushing your teeth or getting dressed, you will reap benefits that will not only help you to manifest your goals, but will also invite happier moments into your life and improve connections with those around you. Let’s face it, nobody enjoys being with someone who is yawning or barely present.

But how is resting realistically achievable in our highly pressured lives? Truthfully, the world doesn’t and won’t stop just because you want to unplug from it. The children will still need feeding, and the bills and deadlines won’t magically disappear either.

Nor is resting normalised – it’s often considered a luxury or indulgence. And most of us feel guilty when taking a little time for ourselves, don’t we? But rest is essential for your health and for you to operate at your best every single day.

Let’s be clear, though, rest is not the same as sleep. You might think you’re getting enough sleep so that ought to meet all of your restorative needs, but there are different types of rest such as breaks from decision-making, responsibilities, and more that we all need in order to flourish, which sleep alone cannot fix. That’s why some people still feel exhausted after a solid eight hours of shut-eye.

So, scheduling time to restore your energy often is just as important, if not more, than the appointments in your diary. If you’re not taking care of your individual rest needs, then you might find yourself struggling to take care of your goals.

Ultimately, not getting enough rest can leave you feeling tired, stressed, overwhelmed, or even burnt out, which sadly has a negative ripple effect on your life and mental health. But thankfully by knowing your rest needs, you can easily bring restorative moments – which include enjoyable, energy-generating activities – into your day to give you that much-needed refresh.

Let’s welcome 2023 with the knowledge that we can be stronger, feel recharged, and better prepared every day for whatever’s next. You can find out more about tuning into the power of rest in my new book All You Need Is Rest, out on February 9, published by Summersdale.

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