• Wednesday, May 29, 2024


Joe Biden praises Indian-Americans’ ‘hard work’ during a virtual fundraiser

By: Pramod Kumar

US democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has said that the hard work and entrepreneurship of Indian-Americans was the major driving force behind the economic growth of the US.

Besides, it was crucial in forging cultural dynamism in the country, said the former vice president while addressing a national virtual fundraiser organised by Indian Americans.

He assured the community members that, if elected, he would address their concerns with regard to H-1B visa and legal immigrants.

Biden emphasised that innovators who make the foundation for Silicon Valley and lead some of the most influential companies in the world came from the community.

Biden said: “You have helped forge an economic and cultural dynamism in this country. That is a continuation of who we are, we are a nation of immigrants.”

He alleged that as president, Trump “made things worse, not better”

“As president, I promise I am going to draw on the best, not the worst, beat this pandemic and build the economy back, help our kids get a good education and make sure healthcare is a right not a privilege, and build an immigration system that powers our economy and reflects our values,” Biden said during the event which was attended by 268 people.

Seema Sadanandan, a senior policy adviser to the campaign, opened the fundraiser.

“Joe Biden is the kind of guy I would love to bring home to have dinner with my mom and dad. He is authentic. He is real. And he says what he thinks and that is something I really love about him,” said Dr Vivek Murthy, former surgeon general.

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