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Have you been shaving down below all wrong?

Kimberly RodriguesBy: Kimberly Rodrigues

When it comes to hair removal, especially down there, you can never quite achieve your desired results.

This is because it is harder to remove hair around the bikini area than the rest of the body as the skin is a little more sensitive in this area, said Dr Jinah Yoo, a leading Harley Street dermatologist, working with Revitacare UK.

The dermatologist also reportedly said, “The hairs tend to be a little curlier, and coarse in texture, this makes the area more prone to ingrown hairs and severe irritation.”

According to Dr Yoo, if you’re choosing to shave down below instead of opting for hair removal cream or waxing, there are some things you should certainly be doing, The Sun reports.

She is quoted as saying, “The most popular method of hair removal is shaving, but this should be done with care.

“It is very important that you first trim the area of any excess hair.

“Then, I recommend you wet the hair with lukewarm water. If you are shaving in the shower, you can simply stand under the shower for a couple of minutes to let the steam soften the hair and skin before you shave.

“Doing this will also help to remove any bacteria, and allow for a closer more accurate shave, meaning less risk of razor bumps or burns.”

Dr Yoo also informs that the technique of shaving down there is key and according to the expert, the skin should not be pulled while shaving as it could lead to nasty cuts.

She said, “Some people like to lie down, but you should always try to stand where possible whilst you are shaving – not only is it easier to see what you are doing, it is a more natural position for the skin.”

In order to protect and hydrate your skin, Dr Yoo also reportedly said that it’s always good to use shaving creams as these products help to avoid irritation to the skin.

Dr Yoo further adds, “In terms of direction, it is very important that you ‘shave with the grain’ meaning shave in the direction your hair grows in. It’s a lot gentler, and again will save any irritation.

She states, “Shaving in the opposite direction may be ok in less sensitive areas, such as the legs but for the bikini line, you should always shave in the direction your hair naturally grows.”

She also reminds that it’s important to change the blade of the razor regularly.

“It is recommended that you change your blade after around seven shaves.

“If your razor is old, the blade itself may be blunt, so you won’t be able to achieve a close shave, the blade also harbours bacteria, which may upset the delicate PH levels of your intimate areas,” she advises.

Further, the founder of Sky Clinic, dermatologist Dr Salome Sharamshi adds that you need to be careful when shaving your nether regions.

She recommends investing in a tool for the bikini area to prevent ingrowths of hair and skin irritation.

To avoid ingrown hairs, the dermatologist recommends exfoliation of the skin before shaving.

She explains, “Use a topical exfoliator or a loofah in circular motions to gently exfoliate the area.”

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