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EU’s youth mobility scheme offer rejected

File photo of the UK prime minister Rishi Sunak (Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

Shajil KumarBy: Shajil Kumar

The UK has rejected an EU offer that would make it easier for Britons aged between 18 and 30 to study and work in its member countries in the wake of Brexit.

The prime minister declined the European Commission’s surprise proposal of a youth mobility scheme.

The government said Brexit had ended free movement and it had no desire to reopen that conversation.

While putting forth the proposal, the European Commission had said the deal would be a limited arrangement, not a restoration of free movement.

However, the government said it would be happy to do deals with individual EU member states rather than a blanket agreement covering all the 27 countries.

The opposition Labour party too is not enthused by the EU proposal and said it has “no plans for a youth mobility scheme” if it wins the general election.

Liberal Democrats party leader Ed Davey, however, felt the EU proposal would be a win-win. It will help boost the economy, offer opportunities to young British people to work abroad, and mend the UK’s broken relationship with Europe, he added.

The UK has a youth mobility scheme visa allowing young people from 10 countries including Australia, New Zealand, and Canada to study or work in the UK for up to two years.

The applicants have to provide evidence of sufficient funds to sustain a living and health insurance.

In a policy document, the European Commission said it made this proposal after the UK approached several unnamed EU countries last year to discuss individual deals.

The UK is reportedly keen to strike an arrangement with France.

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