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EastEnders viewers go into meltdown as ‘hunky’ Ravi Gulati shows ‘muscles on show’

By: Mohnish Singh

Created by Julia Smith and Tony Holland, EastEnders is one of the most popular British television soap operas, which has been entertaining the audience on BBC One since February 1985.

Several actors have been a part of the ensemble cast of the show over the years, with most of them becoming household names. One such actor is Aaron Thiara who has been playing the character of Ravi Gulati on the show since 4 July 2022 and is immensely popular among diehard fans of the show.

EastEnders viewers have gone into a total meltdown after Gulati was shown flexing muscles during the latest episode of the soap.

During Tuesday’s episode, Denise Fox looked tyrannized as she walked through the market following another fight with her husband Jack Branning. As she browsed the stalls, she just bumped into Gulati who was out enjoying a morning jog wearing a tight running top.

Excited Gulati stops to say hello to Fox. “You window shopping,” he joked.

She replies, “Yeah, but I don’t really fancy the goods.”

Gulati then asks, “What do you know about the goods unless you take them home and try the on for size.”

The viewers enjoyed the conversation between Gulati and Fox, but they were completely in awe of the former as he had his ‘muscles on show’.

Expressing his excitement, a Twitter user wrote, “Ravi’s back muscles in that top.”

“Ravi omg”, wrote another.

A third user added, “I’m sorry but Ravi is so hot omg #EastEnders.”

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