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Sunday, January 17, 2021


Kulveer Ranger

Kulveer Ranger: Terror attacks will weigh heavy on the minds of voters

by KULVEER RANGER THE final furlong of this sprint election and Brexit still looms large on the political horizon but it is the dark cloud that the horrific...
Kulveer Ranger - digital visions

Parties present their digital visions and genuine choices to the electorate

THE future is digital and the political parties may have finally woken up to this fact. So what can the next government do to learn from the...
Kulveer Ranger - digital visions

COMMENT: A week of manifestos, battle buses and trial by (proxy) interviews

by KULVEER RANGER BRITAIN’S political parties have finalized their candidates for the upcoming election. It has not been easy. A process that can take years...
London Stock Exchange Group


by NIKHIL RATHI CEO, London Stock Exchange plc EIGHTEEN months ago I was...
Kulveer Ranger

Comment: ‘The UKIP grassroots support vanished like a puff of smoke’

By Kulveer Ranger THE local elections have concluded and Britain’s political parties, which were managing both local campaigning and preparations for the surprise general election...
Barry Gardiner

COMMENT: It’s time to ‘rescue the future’

  By Barry Gardiner Labour parliamentary candidate for Brent North IT WOULD normally be a cause for minor celebration that UKIP – the most right-wing, anti-immigrant party...
Jo Swinson

COMMENT: Lib Dems are fighting to close ethnicity pay gap

By Jo Swinson, East Dunbartonshire parliamentary candidate and former Lib Dem business minister THE last two years have illustrated what happens without us. A Conservative-only government showing its true...

COMMENT: ‘What will we hear about this campaign? Brexit, Brexit and more Brexit’

by KULVEER RANGER OVER the last 15 years I’ve been...

Comment: England’s new mayors could lead the way on integration

By Sunder Katwala Director, British Future NEW mayors taking office across England this week - from the West Midlands and Greater Manchester to the West of...
Eastern Eye

When will Britain’s minorities realise the power of their vote?

By Simon Woolley Operation Black Vote FOR OVER 20 years people have been telling me that voting doesn’t make a difference. I’m often told that, “if...