• Saturday, December 09, 2023

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APPG to probe impact of environmental emergency on Blacks and minorities

People are marching on strike against racism in the city. They are holding cardboard signs.

By: Kimberly Rodrigues

The All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Race and Community is investigating the disproportionate impact of environmental emergency on Black people, indigenous peoples, and people of colour.

A joint Inquiry by the APPG on Race and Community and the APPG on the Green New Deal is underway, to examine the links between systemic racism and the environmental emergency.

By bringing the communities most affected by the environmental emergency into Parliament, this inquiry hopes to work towards creating better, more inclusive, and intersectional environmental policy.

Additionally, space will be provided for environmental professionals, activists, and leaders of colour from both the global North and the global South to address issues related to climate justice directly with Parliamentarians.

The Runnymede Trust, the UK’s leading race equality think tank and secretariat for the APPG on Race and Community, will manage and analyse the short written responses that are submitted.

These responses, along with oral evidence presented in Parliamentary sessions, will be utilised to inform a report set to be published in spring 2023.

Basic demographic information about individuals or organisations will be collected through the call for evidence.

This information, along with a series of headline questions and specialist questions based on responses, will be used to shape the inquiry’s findings.

Participants have the option to leave any questions unanswered if they do not feel best placed to respond. Each question has a 300-character limit to ensure concise answers.

The focus is on exploring evidence related to the UK’s role and influence internationally, as well as domestic issues.

This inquiry was prompted by a 2022 report by Greenpeace and the Runnymede Trust, highlighting the impact of global extractive economies on people of colour and the role of racism in their marginalisation.

The report also found disproportionate environmental harm experienced by people of colour in working-class communities in the UK.

The Annual General Meeting of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on the Green New Deal is scheduled for 2:30 pm on Monday, November 13.

The group serves as a cross-party platform to develop a transformative Green New Deal for the UK. Their objective is to foster dialogue and collaboration across party lines to create a comprehensive plan for a Green New Deal.

This plan, driven by public investment, aims to address the interlinked climate and nature crises while reducing inequality and improving lives for all citizens.

The APPG on the Green New Deal holds regular meetings and occasional inquiries to inform debates, discuss solutions, and propose policies.

Co-chaired by Caroline Lucas MP (Green) and Clive Lewis MP (Labour), the group comprises MPs and Lords from various political parties, emphasising collaboration and resource sharing in the pursuit of a sustainable future.

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