• Saturday, August 13, 2022

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Amid rising cases in US, Hollywood Covid-19 protocols extended to September 30

By: Shelbin MS

As Covid cases are starting to sharply rise once again in the United States, Hollywood’s studios and unions have decided to extend their safety protocols.

As per The Hollywood Reporter, COVID-19 safety protocols have been extended to September 30.

Containing guidelines on masking, vaccines and meal service, the agreement features language that allows protocols to ramp up when 8 or more new people amongst 100,000 are admitted to the hospital with COVID for seven straight days.

The protocols were last modified in May, when testing and masking obligations were relaxed in areas with low COVID hospital admissions and modifications were made to transportation and meal requirements.

The agreement continued to permit producers to mandate vaccines on “Zone A” — the area with the cast and crew members that work most closely with them — of their sets and continued to require employers to hire COVID-19 compliance supervisors on productions.

In the past week alone, California recorded an average of 17,182 new cases and 37.1 deaths a day, according to the Los Angeles Times coronavirus tracker.

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