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Advice I would give to my younger self

By: Shelbin MS

Social media users reveal some key life lessons

What advice would you give your younger self? That is a question th­at Eastern Eye posed to social med­ia users around the world and the replies were not just enlightening, but also had plenty of motivational words for those who are going through a difficult time right now.
The replies showed that no negative feeling or situation is final, and the bright light of hope is always there even during the most difficult times. So, with that in mind, Eastern Eye selected some of the best replies from Twitter users, who gave their younger selves some key life advice and ones that can help those who need it now.

@mahwashajaz_: Listen to your inner voice more.

@Abhay10745689: Enjoy the little things!

@Bisma_s1996: Never depend on anyone for doing your job for you.

@BrokeNabob: Keep taking advice and mentoring from seniors and people around.

@ChannDiKudi__: Please don’t lose hope. You are really strong!

@ChilllFariha: Never lose patience in any difficult situation. Try to find out solutions for the problems rather than crying or being worried about it.

@DhillonS4m: Don’t sit around feeling sorry for yourself. Be the change you want to see in your future and don’t worry about mistakes you make on the way because the lessons learnt from them will shape your future for the better.

@DikshaSolanki04: Never lose hope. Don’t give up. Have confidence in yourself.

@Fatima_Mallik: Dear younger self, I wish you wouldn’t have given up on things, before even trying!

@Fijiana80: Learn to manage your time. Time wasted is life wasted!

@GurneelSingh11: Be true to yourself because hidden within you there is a most loyalist friend, mentor, and true guider. Before trusting anyone else, just give it a try yourself for
successful results. This is the advice which I have taken and now I am a confident person.

@Hassan_raza47: Be consistent and never give up.

@IJigneshBhagat: Choose your friends and life partner wisely.

@JayaM61785711: Life will not get better afterwards too with money, position or relations. Start enjoying every moment and make memories.

@John_E_Vogel: The greatest regrets you’ll have are the things you never tried, not of the things you’ve tried and failed.

@Krishi4747: Two things: Every single moment, you are running out of time to do the stuff you really want to do, stop thinking so much, and just do it. Happiness and success are two different things.

@Linda08441417: Listen to mum. She knows best!

@mitalidpatel: Live life and stop worrying about the unknown. The only thing you’re doing is stressing yourself out and stopping yourself from having fun. Life is great, enjoy it.

@N2IT8: Concentrate on your studies (boys can wait). Have fun with your local friends. Some of them will be with you always, so build good memories while you can.

@NabilaKhawaja: Study hard, be yourself, have fun and listen to your parents. A casual relationship is fine but don’t get so involved that you allow the other person to abuse you. Run before you regret it. Nothing is permanent, so be happy, be kind and be the change.

@_presh_p: Stay focused on the priorities and each time the priorities change, you meet a new version of yourself. Embrace that change wholeheartedly.

@QueSeraSera___x: No one has a perfect life. You just need to make the best of what you have.

@qurrat04: Prioritise yourself, spend money, go travel and make memories. Work to live, not live to work. Feel alive.

@Rakshipriya: Don’t rush things too much. Learn to go with the flow because ultimately time is the master!

@realheena121: Be kinder to yourself. Always know your worth. The world is bigger than you think it is and worries aren’t as important as we think they are, so just be you. Don’t worry if you look or feel different from most other people.

@reyanshi_22_am: Don’t attach your heart a little too soon!

@RP86430186: Do what you feel is right for you!

@SaiRat_Smitty_: Don’t ever waste your time for the things that will not matter ahead in your life! Focus on yourself and your goals. They’ll make you and your future self!


@sanyya: Everyone is going to have an opinion, but not everyone’s opinion matters.

@SGS_California: Know that you are worthy. Don’t undervalue yourself.

@ShreyaFangirl: Valuing people more than yourself is the biggest mistake you can make.

@Shu7e: Don’t worry about what others are doing and what you should be doing. Things will fall into place when it’s right for you.

@sky_and_sunshin: It’s ok to fail. It’s ok to cut toxic family out of your life and draw boundaries.

@smartmouth_mama: The first time someone shows you they don’t care, believe them. Actions are always louder than words.

@sri2912: You don’t need any validation from anyone! You are going to do things great and things that you like.

@Tanishaa_DRDZ: Don’t be worried about the future; life has all the good things for you.

@ThatObscurePoet: Don’t believe teachers are always right. Be aware that bullies are deflecting their own insecurities and personal issues. Value the people in your life because you never know when they’ll be gone. Appreciate education as an opportunity.

@Unni1511: Build up your confid­e­nce from your setbacks and failures.

@x_lostsoul_xx: Do what makes you happy. Don’t worry about what people are going to say.

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