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8 ‘bad habits’ that are actually good for your health

By: Shelbin MS

We all have bad habits which could occasionally make us feel guilty. But here’s some interesting news – some of our bad habits or bad behaviour may actually have some benefits, says a report in The Sun.

Also, when carried out in moderation, our bad habits could benefit our psychological and physical well-being. Most of our bad habits alter our mood state and help to temporarily reduce stress, says Psychology Today.

From biting your nails to sleeping in late and chewing gum, let’s look at some common bad habits that could be good for you.

1. Biting Your Nails

Gnawing your nails is considered to be a disgusting habit – but nail biters can have the last laugh, reports The Sun. This habit can reportedly keep you healthy. The new bacteria introduced to your body via your nails can help boost your immunity. This is because your body would help your immune response recognize the bacteria in the future and deal with it, in the same way, vaccination does.

2. Chewing Gum

Watching others chew gum, may not be a pretty sight. But apparently, it’s a stress-relieving activity. In fact, there are also cognitive benefits like improved focus and memory. According to research, it boosts thinking, keeps you alert, and on your toes, and helps you concentrate for longer. The reason for this is increased levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which is heightened by chewing gum.

3. Being Messy

If you are messy, it’s probably because you are intelligent, according to the University of Minnesota. Researchers have found a strong connection between messiness and creativity. If you’re messy, you’re not only supposed to be more creative but also capable of producing more creative ideas. Your inspiration reportedly lies in your messiness and not in clean spaces. Chaotic clutter is what boosts your creativity and there’s no time to be wasted on tidying up.

4. Fidgeting

Fidgeting may annoy people around you, but it can help you to burn calories and expend energy. It can help you to burn ten times more calories in comparison to staying still, according to research from London’s Mayo Clinic. The research states that individuals who fidget burn up about 350 kcal a day. This is because fidgeting speeds up metabolism by stimulating neurochemicals in your body.

5. Always Being Late

Never being on time may be infuriating for others but based on a study by Harvard Medical School, not being punctual helps to lower stress levels. Individuals with a relaxed approach to timekeeping are also more likely to lead a happier and healthier lifestyle. According to research, late-comers have an easy-going attitude which helps them to relax and which in turn allows them to lead tranquil and stress-free lives.

6. Switching off the Alarm and Snoozing

Turning off your alarm to get in some more snooze time may not be good for your professional life but catching up on the sleep your body requires is brilliant for your health. Research has found that getting enough sleep can help reduce stress and boost a person’s brain and memory too, thereby helping them to stay fitter for longer. Getting enough sleep can also reduce the risk of heart disease and car accidents.

7. Gossiping

Gossiping is never perceived positively. However, gossiping with friends about other people can help you bond with them. It can also promote friendship and cooperation. Additionally, gossiping can make you laugh, which in turn releases feel-good hormones that can help you deal with stress and anxiety more effectively. According to evolutionary psychologist Robin Dunbar of Oxford, “Gossip is what makes human society as we know it possible.”

8. Swearing and Cursing

Though swearing is quite common, it is definitely considered by most people to be a bad habit. However, research has shown that swearing can help ease the pain. The Sun reported that Keele University found participants in a study could withstand pain longer if they let rip cursing. Pain tolerance was reportedly boosted by 33 percent. So, dropping the F-bomb can supposedly work as a painkiller, when you hurt yourself.

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